How Much Does a Security System Cost

How much does a security system cost?

One of the most common questions asked is how much it will cost for a security system. However, it is difficult to answer as every house varies and every customer’s requirements are different.

The biggest factor to consider is whether your home is in construction or an existing home, the size and structure of your home, and what is required to get cabling installed. Then it comes down to the individual system.



CCTV Systems


When it comes to installing a CCTV system, there are several factors to consider beyond the ones mentioned above. For instance, you need to determine how many cameras you require for adequate coverage and peace of mind, what level of camera you need, and what additional features you want, such as audio, alarms, notifications, or Artificial Intelligence.

Other considerations include whether you need a monitor, brackets, an internet feed, and where your modem is located.

Taking all of this into account, for an Australian-distributed CCTV system like the Dorani CCTV system with four cameras included with a recorder, prices start around $1,800. This covers the majority of single-storey homes on standard house blocks, but prices will vary depending on the above factors.

It is essential to be aware of the many black-market CCTV products on the market that are not supported in Australia for warranty or service support. Although they may appear similar and much cheaper, they are not the same as branded and supported products.

Please note that there are some restrictions on installing certain brands of CCTV systems in government buildings and other sites. For more information, see this article: Victoria Prepares for Potential Purge of Chinese Made CCTV Cameras. At present, there are no restrictions for domestic or commercial installations.


Alarm Systems


When it comes to installing an alarm system, you need to consider the number of detectors required and whether you have pets. You may also want to consider additional features like remote disarming, night arming, and an app connection to notify you when the alarm goes off or to disarm it from your phone.

For a Bosch alarm system installed in a single-storey home, prices start from $1,100 for a fourdetector one-keypad system with sirens, battery, and plug pack, which will cover the average 240sqm home depending on layout.


Intercom systems


If you are interested in installing an intercom system, you need to determine how many monitors you need, where to install the door station, and whether you need a keypad, internet diversion, or exit buttons.

For a Dorani intercom system installed in a single-storey home with one door station and one monitor, prices start from around $880. Please note that all of these prices are approximate and vary depending on every installation.

We recommend that you contact us with your details, and we will happily forward your details to one of our preferred installation agents in your area.

These prices will also vary if you wish to install them during construction, so plan ahead, and we can assist in organizing a preferred agent to provide a solution during construction.

It is essential to discuss all your security requirements and needs with the installation agent to ensure that the products, design, and process are precisely what you need for your security.

Lastly, don’t forget to ask about a Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum System. The majority of our agents can assist with the installation of a ducted vacuum system into your home.

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