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Bosch Alarm System & Alarm Panel Installation in the Gold Coast

Dorani is a proud Bosch Wholesale Distributor of the Bosch Solution range of alarm panels.

The Bosch Solution 2000Solution 3000 and Solution 6000 panels are regarded as one of the highest quality and extremely reliable intrusion panels tried and tested in all Australian conditions, a chosen brand with many installers.

Bosch offers various alarm panel ranges capable of 8,16 and up to 144 Zones, and various Code Pad options. Dorani distributes the standard Icon Code pads, Text Code Pads and the latest Slimline 4” Touch Screen model (2000/3000).

To ensure reliability of your alarm system, the Bosch Blueline Detector range including Blueline PIR, Blueline Quad and Blueline Tritech (Pet friendly) ensures that with the correct choice of detector false alarms are eliminated.

The Best Range Of Bosch Solution Alarm & Security Systems:

Bosch 2000/3000 Alarm Systems:

The BOSCH Solution range of alarm panels have been market leaders for over twenty years, and our experience with them certainly agrees with their reliability and adaptability for all environments.

The Bosch 2000 and 3000 alarm panels are a fantastic security system for all domestic installations and small commercial.

The Bosch Solution 2000 Alarm Panel offers 8 hardwired zones and the 3000 offers 16 zones, with the ability of adding wireless detectors when cabling is not an option.

Both these panels offer the connectivity of 3 keypads, Remote Control keyfobs operation ­AND the option of a FREE alarm monitoring app, Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) app available on IOS and Android OS. Receive alarm notifications while you are on holidays or simply get an update when the kids get home from school and disarm the panel. Remotely arm or disarm your alarm panel, see the status of your sensors, or control outputs connected to your alarm panel such as garage doors.

Bosch 6000 Alarm Systems

The Bosch 6000 alarm panels are a fantastic security system for all installation situations from small domestic installation needing my Alarm connection through to large commercial sites; with the add benefit of access control being added to the system.

The Bosch 6000 Alarm Panel offers up to 128 zones, 16 keypads or readers, access control card readers, external keypads proximity fob entry and even fingerprint readers.

The Bosch security system can be connected to any B2B service and we offer connection with the My Alarm app service for push notifications, and alarm control. (This service is a small ongoing fee)

Want to know what’s going on?

Try the Bosch RSC+ App available with the use of the B426M Ethernet module, Arm/Disarm from your mobile + Push Notifications straight to your phone notifying you of Alarms, System Faults and Arm/Disarms of the system. Always have a piece of mind knowing what is happening with your alarm system.

We proudly have a network of Dorani resellers, dealers, agents and preferred installers available in most capital cities and many regional area, please contact us and we will direct you to the closest agent or have them contact you.

Contact us on (03) 9357 0942 for all your Bosch alarm systems today!

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