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Installing CCTV is an important aspect of home and business security. Dorani is a leading Australian owned provider and installer of CCTV systems and security cameras, proudly servicing the Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Yatala regions since 2002.


Many homes and businesses invest in CCTV for a range of reasons. Past customers of Dorani have installed CCTV due to the following benefits:

Visual deterrent for criminal activity:

  • CCTV may act as a deterrent for crime at your property or the surrounding area. This therefore increases the safety of your belongings and anyone inside your dwelling.

Constant surveillance of your property:

  • CCTV offers visual access to a range of areas around the building. Being able to view the perimeter of your property without being there offers peace of mind and safety.

Viewing past events:

  • If an incident is to unfortunately occur, CCTV provides insight into what happened. If you experience theft, vandalism or robbery, you can identify stolen items and criminals from recorded footage.

Low maintenance:

  • CCTV systems do not require excessive maintenance and are reliable and hardwearing. Following a quality installation from Dorani, only an occasional check and clean by professionals is required.

Benefit to insurance:

  • Insurance companies view CCTV positively, often leading to deductions in premium.


Design and installation of CCTV systems is a vital step to ensuring your final system is effective. Important factors Dorani can advise on include:

  • The best location for maximum security.
  • Style of cameras.
  • Connectivity and functionality of the system.
  • Technology allowing for day and night use.


Dorani offer a wide range of cameras to ensure there are systems to suit all homes and businesses in every location. In addition to distributing quality products, Dorani is a leader in research and development of new systems.

Dorani’s range of cameras have a mixture of the following features:

  • 2-8 MP.
  • Fixed, motorised, bullet and dome cameras
  • Zoom.

Dorani is committed to providing reliable, quality CCTV systems, NVR-Recorders and Accessories. We consider your requirements and customise your CCTV system accordingly, ensuring the best possible result.

Contact us on (03) 9357 0942 for all your alarm systems, intercom systems and CCTV cameras today!

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