Bosch CM704B 8/16 Zone Expander Board PCB Only

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  • LAN or locally powered.
  • Status and Zone Power LEDs.
  • Service code pad connection.
  • Separate tamper input.
  • Automatic recognition by panel.

The CM704B zone expansion module allows quick and easy installation of addition physical inputs to the intrusion control panel. Being LAN based the CM704B may be co-located with the intrusion control panel or remotely located.

When used in conjunction with a Solution 144 or 6000, the CM704B allows an additional 8 zones, or 16 zones with the zone doubling. You can have multiple CM704B units connected to the LAN which allows up to 144 zones. A 4 – core cable is all that is needed to relay data back to the main alarm panel which greatly simplifes cabling.

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