Bosch HCT-4UL Radion Wireless 4 Button Keyfob Remote HCT4UL-FOB (Replaces RF3334E)

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  • Water and dust resistant
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Arm, disarm and panic, stay and aux functions
  • Assigned by user for accurate reporting of open close signals
  • LED indicator
  • Programmable aux buttons (depending on panel type)


  • This remote control is NOT compatible with the Bosch Solution 2000.
  • This remote is different to the HCT4 remote and is not cross comptaible.
  • This remote is NOT compatible with the WE800EV2 or RE005 recievers commonly installed on older Solution 16 and 880 panels.

Keyfobs allow you to arm or disarm the security system or send a panic alarm. Programmed with a unique code, each model works exclusively with your compatible security system. Two option buttons are user-defined to perform additional functions (depending on your panel type). The HCT4UL is a compact remote with a sliding plastic cover to protect the buttons and makes sure that the unit is not activated in your pocket. Small enough to go on your keyring, it’s a sturdy little unit.