How Do Home Intercom Systems Work?

How do home intercom systems work?

Every year, home security systems get smarter and smarter. Video and microphone intercom systems are some of the best features modern security technology has to offer, but plenty of people are unsure what installing a system will actually mean. To make things easier, we’ve put together everything you need to know about what home intercom systems are, how they work, and why you should consider installing one for your home.

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What Are Home Intercom Systems?

A home intercom system is essentially a two-way communication device that adds an extra barrier of security to an entryway on your property. Installed at the front of a front door or gate, an intercom allows you to communicate with anyone visiting without having to open up for them yourself. You can monitor visitors remotely, and the devices can even be installed so that you can allow entry from afar, too. Intercoms can be beneficial for homes of all sizes and designs, but are especially useful in multi-level houses.

Nowadays, intercom systems can be set up to do just about anything. Many have smart features included, which could involve being able to access cameras through your phone or tablet, or even allow for full control and door management through remote devices anywhere in the world.

How Do They Work?

Intercom systems can come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the type of home you live in and your preferred features, there is a wide variety of intercom types you could choose from. Each has different power sources, features, set-ups, and inclusions, but ultimately all intercoms are fundamentally the same. Somebody uses a camera or microphone to communicate through one device, and is seen or heard by somebody in a different room through another device.

It’s fairly straightforward, but sometimes people wonder about the finer details of intercoms. So, here at the main components that help an intercom system to function:

The Base Station
For intercoms, the base station is essentially the brain of the operation. This is the central hub of the system, acting as your control centre. This is where you can log in, change settings, or adjust any major security features through your system. This could be a physical device that comes with your intercom, or it could be an app accessible via your personal smart devices.

The Intercom Stations – With Microphones and Cameras
If you think about using an intercom in terms of a phone call, it’s all relatively simple. Your intercom stations are the ‘phones’, one for you and one for your visitors. Stations can be set up with microphones or cameras to allow you to see and communicate with potential visitors as you see fit.

One will be placed outside your front door or gate, while the other is placed inside your home so you can communicate back. Nowadays, some intercom systems will allow for your base station to be used for this, streamlining the management of your home security all into one remote smart device.

Locking System Integration
A great benefit of today’s intercom technology is that locking system integration is an easy-to-find option. Your home intercom system can be integrated with your locking mechanisms, allowing you to open up gates and doors for your welcome visitors with just a push of a button. Your smart device will be able to send signals straight to the entryway mechanisms, releasing the locks and making life easier!

What Are the Benefits of a Home Intercom System?

So, why should you consider installing a home intercom system for your property? Well, the benefits are endless. This security feature not only protects your homes from intruders, but makes welcoming guests and handling deliveries a breeze. You can monitor and check on your system from anywhere around the globe, giving yourself some extra peace of mind that your home is safe. Here are some of the benefits you could enjoy from a home intercom system:

  • Added safety for children when at home alone, ensuring they never need to open the door for strangers
  • Can be set up within the home for added communication – telling everyone on any level of the house when dinner is served!
  • Presence of intercom systems can deter criminals from attempting a break-in
  • Heightened security
  • Ability to monitor a baby’s or child’s room
  • Increased property value
  • Ability to be controlled remotely
  • Can be fully integrated with a wider security system
  • Makes life endlessly convenient!

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