Do Alarm Systems Really Deter Burglars? Our Top Tips Home Security

People talk a lot about home security these days. Smart technology, CCTV, doorbell cameras, automatic alarms… it can seem like a lot. And for anyone looking to invest in security, it’s natural to wonder how effective these systems really are. Do burglars care about alarms? Are you going to be wasting your money by installing a new security system? Continue reading to answer these questions and more as we take a deep dive into whether criminals are really all that fussed by home security.

This blog discusses the effectiveness of security systems such as alarms and cameras, including some easy tips to increase your home security. To enquire about installation of a new security system, contact Dorani today.


Do Burglars Care About Alarms?

Short answer: Absolutely. A burglar is always going to be on the prowl for easy targets, and if any criminals get the idea that your home is protected by an alarm system, it significantly decreases your chance of being targeted. Beyond that, if your home does still get broken into, the odds of catching the burglar increases considerable. Research shows that 60% of convicted burglars say they will actively attempt to target other homes if they have reason to believe that there is a security system in the one they’re initially attempting to break into.


The Power of Security Cameras

What about security cameras, then? All the same principles apply here, and security cameras have the added advantage of providing you with evidence of the burglary, supporting you further in being about to catch the thief should anything happen. A notable perk of CCTV and security camera systems are that they can often be visible outside, and any thief scoping out a property is going to be instantly deterred from breaking into your home if they spot any kind of camera system hooked up to your house. Truthfully, any sort of visible and noticeable security system is bound to add a significant amount of extra protection for your property.

Other Effective Deterrents

Security systems like alarms and cameras are always going to be the safest, most effective way to protect your home. That said, there are always some easy extra steps you can take to deter criminals from potentially breaking into your home. Here are just a few of the quickest ways to throw off burglars from targeting your property, straight from the security experts:


The brighter your house is lit up, the more it’s on display for the world to see. Burglars prefer to go about their business entirely unseen, so even the simplest of outdoor lightning can keep your home that little bit safer.


Any property with a dog is going to be very low on a criminal’s list of preferred targets. Loud noises and anything to draw attention to a break in are the last things a criminal wants – so having a dog ready to bark at the first sign of company may be more effective than you’d think.

Pretending to be home

Thieves are always looking to get in and out of a home entirely undetected. Therefore, they’re always looking to go for empty houses. If you’re going to be out for the whole evening, take some minor precautions to make it look like you’re home. Even just throwing a couple of lights on inside, or leaving the television running, can make a world of difference.


Contact Dorani to Get Your Home Security in Order

Worried about burglars? Concerned that your home isn’t as protected as it should be? Home security systems are that safety net that will have you sleeping easier at night. Even just the smallest precautions can keep your property safe from any criminals that may be sniffing around, and you’re never going to regret feeling too safe. If you’re looking for a security system (alarms, cameras, or anything else!) that’s perfect for your household, leave it to the experts. Contact the Dorani team today to chat through your security needs, and we’ll get your home protected as soon as possible.


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