Can You Install Your Own Security System?

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With the infinite possibilities of online shopping, home security systems have become more accessible than ever. With a quick Google search, you may find yourself tempted by cheaper prices and seemingly simple DIY projects. Although, there’s often more complexities to these than meets the eye. The question typically isn’t if you can install your own security system, but rather if you should.

Weigh up your options with our guide to security systems and contact us at Dorani for advice on your home security potential.

DIY Security Systems Versus Professional Installation

There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding what system will be best for your home safety. To make this a little more simple, we’ve outlined some pros and cons for each approach:


The Pros of Professional

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of a professionally installed security system, is that the experts will do the heavy-lifting for you. They’ll eliminate the guesswork and ensure the job is done right the first time (after all, this is what they do for a living). They’ll set up the wirings and sensors safely and in prime positioning, which is especially helpful if you’re not experienced in electricals. Of course, you’ll also benefit from the technician’s expertise, as they can provide a thorough security assessment of your home in order to optimise your protection.

The DIY Advantage

On the other hand, the key advantage that reels in most DIY attempts is the dramatic difference in cost. We won’t lie – doing it yourself is often a lot cheaper than calling in professional help. If you’re proficient in installing at-home security systems and you don’t like the idea of sizable upfront costs, this is definitely a more affordable option. A lot of DIY systems are also portable as they’re held in place by adhesives, which can make them easy to move if you change your mind on their positioning.

The Cons of Professional

Unfortunately, there’s a downside to every scenario but with a professionally installed system this doesn’t have to be huge. As mentioned, the key difference here will be price as you’ll be paying more upfront and often an additional service fee for the duration of your security contract. This can add up over time so it’s important to know how important safety is for your home and what you’re willing to pay for it. Ultimately, it’s best to invest in professional.

Disadvantages of DIY

The key negative for DIY systems is that there’s significantly more room for error. Whether it’s by your own accord or an issue with the product malfunctioning, it can be considerably more risky. In this scenario, you’ll be solely accountable for how your security system functions.

This means if you’re lacking the installation skills or ability to perform maintenance checks, you could be enabling a blind spot on your property. Arguably, when it comes to security systems you get what you pay for – a cheap fix may work for the time being but in the long-run it’s not guaranteed to do the job.

The Legalities of Security System Installation

There are a lot of misconceptions about security systems and the law, which means it’s important to know your rights before jumping into anything. You may think that a DIY system will help protect you and your family against criminals in court, however this is actually a much more complex issue. Unlike professionally installed systems, footage from DIY set-ups isn’t allowed to be used in legal cases and therefore can’t even be used as evidence if you catch a criminal on camera.

Legislation also now requires a court order to record audio; doing so without permission can expose you to huge fines even if you weren’t necessarily the one in the wrong. No matter how legitimate your DIY kit may appear, it’s also still considered a ‘home system’, meaning it’s not classified as proper security and unfortunately won’t be considered as such by an insurance company.


Seeking the Help of An Expert – Arrange Professional Security System Installation

Whilst there may be advantages to both approaches, we’d always recommend seeking the help of a home security expert. This will leave little wiggle room for errors, ensuring the job is done right the first time. If you have the budget and are looking for comprehensive security for your home, a professionally installed system should naturally be your first point of call.

As an Australian security systems installer, wholesaler and supplier, at Dorani we’ve got the hard part covered – all you have to do is get in touch.


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