Can CCTV Work Without Electricity?

Securing your home or business is one of the smartest moves you can make when it comes to protecting your investment. CCTV cameras are a great way to do so, as they allow you to monitor the premises live and to record videos for later viewing, which can be extremely helpful in many situations. However, power outages are always possible, and many people are concerned about whether CCTV cameras will work without electricity.

This blog explores whether or not CCTV camera will work without electricity and allow you to pick up on goings-on regardless of power outages. To select the CCTV camera that best suits your needs, contact our experienced team at Dorani today.

How Are CCTV Cameras Powered?Can CCTV work without electricity

The type of CCTV camera you choose and the way it is powered will factor into whether it is able to work without electricity.

CCTV cameras are installed by running wires through the wall that are attached to the power. To do this, the property needs a pre-existing data cable in the wall. The CCTV camera is connected to the network device via the network cable, and this needs electricity to operate.

With this being said, many CCTV cameras have backup power options available.

CCTV Camera Power Options

Backup power options can include:

1. A generator

Many infrastructure facilities such as hospitals have a generator system in place to allow a constant flow of electricity. This is often due to life-saving equipment, but as a generator can provide electricity to the whole facility, this can ensure the CCTV cameras are always working as well. While not many people have generators for their personal place of residence, some do, and this is an option you may like to consider for either your home or business.

2. Battery backups

A battery backup for each of your CCTV cameras will enable the camera to use this method of power if and when there is an electricity outage. Not all CCTV cameras come equipped with battery backups. For those that do, the power the battery backup can provide is far less than what a generator can. When the battery has run out, it will need to be recharged before you can use your CCTV system again.

Some CCTV cameras are able to anticipate a power outage and automatically switch to using their battery backup for power.

While some parts of the CCTV camera may be able to operate without electricity, the system will not be fully functional. Any CCTV system that relies on the Internet won’t be able to function during a power outage due to the Internet connection relying on electricity as well. Additionally, features such as live viewing cannot be accessed while running on backup power.

It is possible to remove the storage from the CCTV camera to view it on another device such as a computer, however the camera will not be able to record current happenings without its storage system in place.

Which CCTV Camera Is Best For Me?

When considering having a CCTV camera installed, you’ll need to think about how important it is to have the option of backup power. Whether there is a problem with the electricity grid or a storm that temporarily disturbs the power supply, a power outage can happen at any time.

If you are concerned about how your CCTV camera will be able to operate in such an event and you don’t have a generator, you may wish to consider a CCTV camera with a battery backup.

Looking For CCTV Cameras?

At Dorani we offer multiple types of CCTV cameras, including those with battery backup options. Whether you are looking to secure your home or business, we will talk with you to discuss the options we have available that may best suit you. To discuss your CCTV camera options and the system that best suits your needs, contact our experienced team today.


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