DIY vs. Professionally Installed Security Systems

DIY vs Professional security systems

Having a home security system or home alarm system is essential for your peace of mind. According to a survey by Budget Direct, over 4% of Australian households experienced at least one break-in or attempted break-in between 2020 and 2021, where over 70% of break-ins resulted in the theft of belongings. Figures like that may be able to be reduced with a home security or alarm system that deters criminals. But with so many home security options on the market, and the choice between professional and DIY installation, it can be difficult to know what’s best for you and your home.

This article explains the pros and cons of DIY and professionally installed home security systems so you can make the most informed choice for you. For personalised advice or to purchase a home security or alarm system, contact our team at Dorani today.

DIY Home Security System Installation

Pros of DIY home security alarm/system installation:

  • More affordable
  • Repositionable
  • Can add to over time

Cons of DIY home security alarm/system installation:

  • Lack of warranty
  • Potential for error during installation
  • Add-ons are more expensive

If you’re great at reading and understanding instructions, DIY installation for your home security or home alarm system may be a good option for you. Overall, this is generally the more affordable option when compared to having one professionally installed, but you should preferably have some knowledge of what you’re doing before you get started. If you make a mistake during installation, it may be a hassle and costly to fix.

Additionally, if you misplace a sensor or camera you may not realise it until it’s too late. Improper placement can easily render a DIY home security system much less effective or even ineffective altogether. You could also make system errors even if you place them in the correct spots, so it’s important to know your skillset if you choose to DIY your home security system.

However, installing your home security or home alarm system yourself gives you greater control over its pieces of equipment. You can add new pieces over time or move sensors into different areas if you need to, and even take the whole system with you if you move from your current residence.

Professionally Installed Home Security Systems

Pros of professionally installed home security alarm/systems:

  • Customisable to your home and family’s needs
  • Peace of mind
  • Warranty protection
  • Customer service

Cons of professionally installed home security alarm/systems:

  • More of an initial investment
  • Less flexibility regarding equipment and set-up
  • May not be able to transfer into your next home if you move

Having a professional from the company your purchased your home security system from install it for you will likely cost you more than if you were to do it yourself. If money is less of a concern, the upsides of professional installation despite its cost investment may be worth it to you. Professional installation also means you’ll be given the rundown on how the equipment works instead of needing to figure it out for yourself.

Typically, professional installation of a home security or home alarm system means that your installer will check that your equipment works correctly before leaving. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your system is ready to go immediately, rather than needing to ask friends or family to help you test it, or the worst-case scenario where you don’t realise its ineffectiveness until it’s too late.

On the other hand, depending on how your home security system is installed, it may be trickier— if not impossible— to take your system to a new home with you. For example, a home security system that’s been wired into the walls will typically be much more difficult to relocate than a peel-and-stick DIY system.

DIY Or Professional Installation: Which One Is Right For Me?

If you move around frequently or intend on moving at least once, a DIY home security system may be the best option for you— provided you have an understanding of how to perform the installation correctly. However, if you’ve had a break-in in the past and just want peace of mind knowing you’re protected from the second it’s installed, you may prefer professional installation. Overall, your personal preferences hold the key to how you install your new home security system or home alarm system.

Looking For A New Home Security System?

If you’ve been unsure of whether to go with professional installation for your home security system or to install it yourself, we hope this article has cleared up the pros and cons for you. At Dorani we pride ourselves on offering the best in home security and have a large range of options to suit every home and budget. To find out more about our range of CCTV systems, video intercoms, security cameras, and more, contact our knowledgeable team today.


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