What is the best home CCTV System?

The Best Home CCTV System

7 must-ask questions

The right home CCTV system can make a huge difference in the safety and security of your property. Whether you’re looking for a day or night-time surveillance solution, there are some important questions to ask before you buy.

In this article, we discuss seven must-ask questions when buying a home CCTV system or home security camera.

What are the features of the camera?

When deciding which camera is right for you, you should consider the following features:

  • Resolution.
  • Recording storage.
  • App integration.
  • Night vision.
  • Size and structure of the camera.
  • Field of view.

What is the warranty?

When you purchase a CCTV system or security camera, it is important to enquire about the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s also important to ask what can be covered under an agreement and whether any specific brands have better repair services than others. Asking these questions now will save you time and money if an error occurs.

Is the camera waterproof and designed to be outdoors?

A waterproof security camera is essential for outdoor settings. Some systems are designed to be indoors and should not be taken outside. Conversely, some systems are designed to be outside, and they may appear too bulky in an indoor setting. If you forget to ask this question, you may be left with a camera that cannot fulfil its purpose.

Does it have a motion sensor?

Motion sensors identify movement, activating notifications that can alert you to potential threats. Some systems are exclusively for motion detection, while others combine visual tracking with motion sensor technology. 

What is the cost of the equipment? Does that include installation?

While cost is often associated with quality, this doesn’t mean that the most expensive camera is right for you. Here’s why. The top-of-the-range security cameras and CCTV systems are often designed to suit large businesses or premises with complex security needs. These CCTV systems have advanced features that may not be necessary for your home or small business.

It is also important to ask your security camera salesperson whether the cost of the system includes installation or whether it can be arranged at an additional cost. Professional installation is important, allowing you to utilise all features of the system you invested in. It also ensures the cameras are placed correctly, optimising their field of view.

What brand is the camera? Do others recommend the system?

Learning more about the brand of your security camera offers insight into where the cameras were designed and made. Moreover, genuine and unbiased reviews from consumers can reveal a lot about the performance and quality of the product. 

Am I purchasing a security camera or a CCTV system?

There are several differences between CCTV systems and security cameras. To learn what they are, read our blog post on What is the difference between a CCTV system and a surveillance camera? The most notable difference is that CCTV (closed-circuit television) footage can only be viewed on the monitors within the circuit, and the cameras are fixed. In contrast, security cameras can be moved around and typically transmit data to a remote location, meaning they can be viewed remotely on apps and mobile phones.

Install a CCTV system or surveillance camera at your home

If you’re considering installing a CCTV system or security camera at your home or business, contact the Dorani team to learn more. We offer an extensive range of security equipment and can help you identify the best system for your unique premises.

We are an Australian owned and operated company that has been creating, supplying and installing innovative security solutions since 2002. Prioritising function and design, we are constantly seeking ways to enhance security systems to protect your family, home and belongings.

Contact us on (03) 9357 0942 for a tailored security solution or to learn more about CCTV or security cameras.

What is a cctv system

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