Alarm System Brisbane

Alarm Systems Brisbane

Keeping you, your family, and your property safe and secure.

Australian Home Alarm And Security Systems

Taking steps to improve the security of your home has the potential to keep your property safe and, most importantly, the people inside. We take home alarm and security systems very seriously. You can rely on us to create a comprehensive system to suit your requirements and preferences.

Having alarm and security systems in your home or business can be pivotal when increasing and maintaining security. As a leading Australian-owned provider and installer of a variety of alarm, cctv and security systems, we are proud to deliver reliable services to the Brisbane region and have done so since 2002.

What Are Home Alarm And Security Systems?

There are different approaches you can take to improve the safety of your home or business. Alarm and security systems can be tailored to suit your needs, which makes them great for all sorts of properties, from small residential apartments to large commercial spaces.

They typically consist of various electronic equipment strategically installed throughout the property. Separate devices are often driven by a central control station, which may also allow you to monitor parts of the system. The appearance of these systems alone may deter criminals, and if it is a high-quality system, the success rate increases. Avoid low-quality or pretend security systems and turn to the reliable security systems our team at Dorani installs, which meet with Australian standards.

How Do Alarm and Security Systems Work?

If an electrical sensor detects a disturbance or unexpected event or issue, it will send a signal to the central monitoring station or alarm control panel. These sensors are generally situated near doors or windows or other areas where movement and activity may occur.

The alarm control panel then sends an outbound signal to trigger a noise such as a siren. It may also be designed to carry out other actions, such as alerting you via a mobile device. Bosch offers a few versions of these panels, including one that is a free APP with connectivity through your internet service.

Home Alarm Systems Brisbane
Brisbane Home Alarm Systems
Security Systems Brisbane

Reasons to Install an Alarm System in Your Home or Business in Brisbane

A security alarm is a common security measure due to its functionality options, simplistic maintenance, and proven potential to deter or identify criminal activity.

Home and business owners install security alarms for many reasons such as the following.

Protect Valuable Contents

Most of us have valuables, both financial and sentimental in meaning, stored in our homes or businesses. This may include assets such as technology, cars, cash, identification papers, and precious memory-related items.

If a criminal tries to break in to access these, the alarm will be activated, meaning they will likely leave and/or be caught by the authorities.

Deters Criminal Activity

If a criminal sees an alarm system on your property, they are less likely to attempt to access your home or business.

Peace of Mind

An alarm system can help you feel safer and more confident that your property is safe around the clock, whether you are home or away.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Depending on your provider and eligibility, you may find that having an alarm system reduces the premiums you pay for insurance.

Dorani provides comprehensive support, high-quality products, and superior installation of alarm and security systems in Brisbane.

Which is The Best Alarm System in Brisbane?

Dorani provides and installs a range of high-quality alarms that can be developed into a system that provides you with a long-term, effective solution to your security needs. A popular choice is the Bosch range, which delivers the choice and reliability you need.

Dorani is a Bosch Wholesale Distributor of the Bosch Solution range of alarm panels. The Bosch Solution 2000, Solution 3000, and Solution 6000 alarm panels are regarded as some of the highest quality and are extremely reliable intrusion panels. They have been tried and tested in all Australian conditions. We have a variety of options that we can develop and install for you, depending on your security goals.

Features of a Bosch Security Alarm System

Bosch has been providing a range of access control systems and security solutions for over twenty years. All options are regularly tested and enhanced to ensure they provide trouble-free performance for years to come. All Bosch alarm systems in Brisbane provide sophisticated electronic surveillance for your home or business.

Remote Arming Option

Your alarm system can be programmed to use a small, wireless remote that fits on your keyring. This allows you to arm and disarm your home as you leave by pressing one button. The remote can also be designed to open your garage door or front sliding gate.

Modern and Stylish Code Pads

The business and home security system you choose can have an icon or a touch-screen code pad. These small and unobtrusive interfaces will complement the décor of any property.

Control Panel Token Access

An enhanced version of the graphic keypad incorporates a built-in proximity reader, allowing users to simply present their token to the keypad to arm or disarm the alarm monitoring or unlock a door in one simple action.

Remote Security Control (RSC)

The RSC+ app sends push notifications from one or multiple panels when unwanted activity is detected. You can configure the settings so you see what matters to you. The RSC+ app is available on IOS and Android OS.

Having remote access via the app extends your security solutions further afield. It means you can receive alarm notifications while on holiday or get an update when the kids get home from school and disarm the panel.

You can also remotely arm or disarm your alarm panel, see the status of your sensors, or control outputs connected to your panel such as garage doors.

Integrated Access Control

Access control is no longer reserved for larger, more expensive systems. The Solution 144 from Bosch incorporates proximity technology, providing an affordable and effective solution for integrated access control. This allows up to 16 access doors or proximity readers, which means it is ideal for mid-sized commercial installations. Compatible proximity readers can incorporate built-in entry, exit, and lock control, which reduces costs and simplifies installation.

Bosch provides a choice of user-friendly, access control interfaces, including internal or weatherproof external proximity readers and keypads with built-in proximity readers. For a higher security option, we can install biometric fingerprint readers.

Simple Operation

To operate an alarm panel, all it takes is one touch. For instance, by simply holding the #AWAY key, you can turn your system on when you leave. To disarm, simply enter your four-digit code. Enjoy peace of mind that your system is always working to its optimum level without complex and hard-to-remember steps.

The standard Bosch keypad has a user-friendly interface that features graphics and a text-driven menu system. Colour-coded, illuminated keys make it easy to operate your security system, day or night. Red and green indicators provide easy identification of the mode the alarm monitoring is set at and the built-in sounder provides audible feedback when operating the system. For external applications, like warehouse entries or main entrances, stainless steel, weatherproof keypads are also available in slim-line or standard fit.

Why Choose Us For Your Home Security System?

When you are looking for high-quality security measures you can trust, choose Dorani. We service the Brisbane Area to cover all your installation and repair requirements related to home alarm systems.

Reliable Security Services

We are proud to provide Brisbane homes and businesses with comprehensive, prompt service. We are dedicated to installing your alarm systems and alarm monitoring to a high standard so that you can feel safe from intruders and unwanted visitors.

Free Security Assessment

When you contact Dorani about your options for security solutions, we will organise a free quote. This will involve an assessment of your security requirements by a reliable technician who is experienced in developing alarm systems to suit all Brisbane homes and businesses. They will then provide advice regarding what type of monitoring is most appropriate for you.

Satisfied Customers

After many years in the alarm systems business, we have delivered great products and services to many happy customers. Whether you require window sensors, smart phone access control systems, CCTV cameras, security alarm system repairs, or other options for alarm systems, we can develop the right home security configuration for you.

The Best Security Systems Brisbane Has Seen

Dorani supplies a broad range of quality alarm systems and accessories for all your home security needs. We are also leaders in the design and development of new products, striving to improve safety and security for all.

Protect your family, property, and assets with the simple installation of user-friendly home alarm systems. If you want to deter criminal activity and control who can enter your Brisbane property, an alarm system can be pivotal. Contact the experienced Dorani team about the best alarm system for your home or business in Brisbane.

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