What Is An NVR In CCTV?

what is an NVR for cctv

If you’re in the market for a security system for your home or business, it probably didn’t take long for you to realise that there are many different types to choose from. Abbreviations are also commonly used, like DVR and NVR, which can make the process even more confusing. If you’re wondering what is an NVR in CCTV systems, you’ve come to the right place.

As a leading provider and installer of security solutions, like NVR CCTV systems, Dorani is committed to providing our customers with innovative and aesthetically pleasing products that are backed by quality and reliability. Check out our NVR video surveillance systems on our website and get a free quote for your home or business.

What is an NVR System$

Network video recorder (NVR) camera systems are a type of CCTV system that records video footage and stores it on a hard disk, mass storage device or even in the cloud so that it can be reviewed at a later date. These systems are paired with digital internet protocol (IP) cameras to create a thorough video surveillance system that is suitable for use domestically or commercially.

NVR systems can be as small as a single camera that keeps an eye on your home’s front door or as large as thousands of cameras spanning multiple locations across the globe. Both indoor and outdoor cameras can be used as a part of the system to ensure maximum visibility. Cameras are usually left running 24/7 and can even be customised to alert you to certain activity during specific times of day or night.


DVR Systems are now old technology using analogue based cameras, Dorani only offer NVR IP Based systems as these give a much higher level of image quality and recording ability.

How Does an NVR System Work?

Generally speaking, NVR camera systems are made up of three components and they work together as follows:

  • Cameras
    There are many different types of security camera to choose from (including analog and wireless WiFi). As mentioned above, NVR systems are typically combined with IP cameras. An IP camera that uses an Ethernet connection is known as a Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera. In such a case, the ethernet cable will perform double duty – it powers the camera as well as transfers data to the NVR. PoE IP cameras are available in many styles – Turret dome cameras are now the most popular.
  • NVRs
    A key part of the CCTV security system is the NVR itself, which is a device that receives video footage via a network data connection and stores footage so that it can be reviewed later. Some NVRs contain hard drives, whereas others are cloud-based. NVR devices contain several Ethernet ports, allowing multiple cameras to be connected (i.e. an 8-channel NVR will be able to support up to 8 cameras).
  • Network Connection
    Finally, IP cameras will connect to the NVR device using either a wired or a wireless connection. Typically, a wired connection will see the cameras connected to the device via Ethernet cables.

How do I View the Camera Stream or Recorded Footage?

Software is usually packaged with NVR devices that includes camera setup, onboarding, and viewing capabilities for playback. This allows the footage from the cameras, once it has reached the NVR, to be stored or viewed remotely, online or offline.

The NVR works together with the cameras and the network to provide live viewing, notifications, alerts and alarms.

On-Premises NVR vs. Cloud NVR

When choosing an NVR CCTV system, you will need to decide whether you want the footage stored onsite or whether you want it stored in the cloud. There are many arguments for cloud systems in this day and age.

The cloud is used as an avenue to connect your recorder to your mobile device, it allows easy connection across all platforms. The cloud is NOT the location where your images and footage stored, to store all footage offsite is not possible based on network restrictions, in Australia there is no upload speed available that would allow the 5mbps PER camera to stream to the cloud. The average upload speed in Australia is 12mbps, there is also storage costs, etc. that further limit TRUE offsite cloud storage facilities for recorded footage.

Competitors to Dorani may offer cloud based storage, however this is generally a few snapshots only, and normally requires a subscription.

Dorani NVR’s can be set to do similar, however the snapshots can be emailed to you with ZERO subscription fee.

What Features Should I Look for in an NVR System?

NVR CCTV systems may offer a wide range of features, including:

  • Cloud-Based
    If you want the convenience of visibility on the go, a cloud NVR system will be a better match. With cloud-hosted footage, you will be able to access all your cameras and footage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. You will also receive the usual cloud benefits – a managed infrastructure, flexibility with customised applications, and automatic firmware and software updates.
  • Export and Share Clips
    The whole point of a CCTV video surveillance system is to monitor your property and keep it safe. If an incident were to occur, the ability to export and share clips of the captured footage with relevant stakeholders will be beneficial. If there was a break-in, for example, you’d be able to hand over footage of the intruders to the police to help in their investigation.
  • High Quality Cameras
    If you want to capture high definition video, you’ll need to partner with a provider that offers high quality PoE IP cameras. Look for cameras that offer super HD resolution (for crisp video quality), wide dynamic range (to optimise video quality in high-contrast lighting), night vision capabilities, and an IP67 weatherproof rating.

Choose NVR in CCTV Video Surveillance with Dorani

With more than 10 years experience in the provision of high quality security solutions to the Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast regions, rest assured that Dorani’s skilled installers know what they’re doing when it comes to the use of NVR in CCTV systems. No matter what sort of property you’re trying to protect, our team can create a video surveillance solution that gives you peace of mind and enables you to access it whenever or wherever you want.


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