The History Of CCTV

The history of cctv

Did you know that CCTV began not as method for deterring and recording burglars but to monitor rocket launches? The history of the development and facilitation of CCTV is fascinating and multi-faceted and is probably not what you expect.  

The use of CCTV for increased security in homes and businesses is a common and valued occurrence these days. Incorporating CCTV into a security system can greatly reduce the risk of crime, and there are now many options regarding features and costs. But how did CCTV monitoring start and how has it grown over the years?


Seeing cameras strategically placed in public and in homes is a normal part of our day to day lives, and we have grown to accept and appreciate them. The important role CCTV can play leads us to reflect on the interesting history of CCTV. 


What Is CCTV? 

CCTV, also known as Closed Circuit Television, is used to improve personal and property safety and security. This is done by capturing and recording visual data by utilising a local network of cables. The process does not involve outside sources such as the internet, which is why it is referred to as closed circuit.


CCTV can be used to: 

  • Deter criminals by acting as a visual indication of the use of a security system.
  • Alert home and business owners, security teams, and emergency services of criminal or unwanted activity.
  • Record footage of criminal or unwanted activity for court cases and insurance claims.


When And Why Was CCTV Invented? 

Walter Bruch was the designer of CCTV, and the intention of his invention was not what most of us use it for today.  

CCTV was initially developed and used by German troops so they could monitor rocket launches during World War II from inside their bunkers. This occurred on a live stream basis as recordings were not available at the time. CCTV went on to be used by the government of the United States of America so that scientists could observe nuclear bomb testing at a safer distance.  


When Did CCTV Become Used For Public Security?

Being able to create a recording of the footage only came into play much later, and for a while, this required a reel-to-reel process, which meant magnetic tapes had to swapped manually. This was unappealing in most settings due to the time and costs involved, and the potentially unreliable nature of the process.

By the end of the 1940s, Vericon, a U.S. contractor, began to provide the CCTV technology and its use slowly expanded. For instance, during an event in 1960 involving the Thai royal family, British police utilised CCTV cameras, which increased awareness of how this form of security could be used for public safety. Its use became more prevalent, such as in train stations.


When Did CCTV Become Used For Home And Business Security?

Following on from the increasing use of CCTV in public settings, home and business security methods began to involve the technology. Marie Van Brittan Brown patented the home security system in 1969 and it continued to grow. The invention and increasing distribution of the cassette tape during the 1950s and 1960s allowed for the recording of footage taken by CCTV cameras. This was a significant and exciting step and increased the popularity of CCTV. During the 1970s, technology expanded to incorporate more reliable and advanced methods and VCRs replaced cassettes. In the 1980s, digital video recording made the process of reviewing and analysing incidents in the footage easier and less time consuming. By the early 1990s, many CCTV users opted for digital multiplexing, which meant several video feeds could be used with one screen.


CCTV Technology And Use Have Continued To Expand

DVR technology continued to make it easier to have multiple recording feeds and allowed home and business owners to view footage of their property from a different location. Facial recognition technology further refined the monitoring ability of CCTV during the 2000s, amplifying the security potential tenfold. 

Today, the options available are varied and efficient with features that would surely shock and amaze the inventor of CCTV. Home, commercial, and public security systems can be comprehensive and extensive and have great potential to reduce criminal activity.


Dorani Supplies And Installs CCTV Systems 

Our team at Dorani is experienced and qualified to install our high-quality CCTV equipment. We have been a leading Australian owned provider and installer for Melbourne, Brisbane, and Gold Coast homes and businesses since 2002.


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