Can You Install Security Cameras in a Rental Property?

rental security camera

You may have thought only business owners need security cameras, or owners of multi-million dollar estates perched across from famous beaches. If you’re a renter, you’ve probably never considered installing them in your property. But should you?

This blog explores the possible reasons behind placing security cameras in your rental property and if it’s legal to do so. For further information, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team at Dorani today.


Why Would I Need Security Cameras?

Our world is constantly changing and evolving before our eyes, and it can be scary to witness. Security cameras can offer you peace of mind, so that when you’re not home— or even when you are— you know nothing is amiss.

Increased Security

Whether you’re renting an apartment, villa, or detached house, everybody wants the right to feel safe in their home. Installing a security camera system allows you to see the daily goings-on that happen in your home when you’re not there.

After all, landlords, property managers, and other staff at your rental agency all have access to your keys. They’re only meant to use them in certain circumstances, and always with your knowledge and permission, but not everybody follows the rules. It’s more than understandable to want the peace of mind a security system can offer you.

Deterring Crime

You never know what people are capable of. Especially when you move to a new area and you don’t know your neighbours. Burglars are less likely to target properties with CCTV, and can deter crime to your home by up to 60%, according to a US study.


When you’re renting, it’s pretty likely you won’t be there for decades to come. Some things you can’t take with you, for example the beautiful French door fridge that came with the property which holds your wine so well. But wherever you’re off to next, you can take your security cameras with you.

Is It Legal to Install Security Cameras in a Rental Property?

In Victoria, as long as you have permission from your landlord, you’re permitted to install removeable security cameras. This means they can’t be hardwired to the property. They must be easily removed without damaging the property, and also must not encroach on any neighbour’s privacy.

You may be able to install permanent security cameras if it is a matter of necessary security. Rental providers cannot deny any reasonable requests, such as in family violence cases or if you or somebody else living at the property are a protected person.

In Queensland, the rules are fairly similar. If your property is part of a Body Corporate, you will need their permission prior to installation and ensure it complies with all regulations. Don’t allow any cameras to look into neighbouring properties, especially if those neighbours have children and/or a pool.

Can I Install Security Cameras as a Landlord?

As the owner of the property, landlords are permitted to retain their exterior security cameras while their property is being rented. After all, exterior cameras that show activity on the road or the driveway protect the area and benefit the tenant. It is illegal to install cameras on the inside of the house as this violates privacy laws and is highly invasive.

Looking to Purchase a Security Camera?

If you’re looking to purchase a security camera system for your rental property, we hope this article has been helpful for you. At Dorani we have many different types of security cameras available, often with night vision, audio, and two-way microphone abilities included.

If you’re after peace of mind for your living situation, once you have permission from your landlord, contact us at Dorani to let us find the best security camera for your needs.

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