How Effective is CCTV in Stopping Crime?

As theft and burglary rates remain at a frightening height, many home and business owners find themselves scrambling to find an effective and affordable method of protecting their properties. In an age of so many different technologies and products in the market, many people are wondering whether CCTV remains all that effective. Continue reading as we dive into the most commonly listed deterrents for criminals selecting properties to target, and the benefits of including CCTV in your next security system installation.

This blog outlines the benefits of CCTV cameras, and the ways in which installation of an outdoor security camera system can effectively prevent crime. To enquire about a CCTV system for your property, contact Dorani today.


Home Burglary Rates

Every year, far too many Australians find themselves faced with security threats to their homes or businesses. Between just 2019 and 2020, the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that 238,100 households experienced a break in, whilst in that same period 185,800 homeowners noticed signs of an attempted burglary on their property. Whether you’ve experienced burglary, watched a loved one go through it, or simply feel a need to heighten your protection, investing in quality security measures is a wise choice.


What are the Best Deterrents?

Interestingly enough, interviewing former thieves has shed some interesting light on what security technology works best to deter crime from taking place. The general consensus seems to be that anything that draws attention is unlikely to be targeted by a burglar – they rely primarily upon silence, stealth, and sneaking by unseen by local eyes. For this reason, automatic lights and loud dogs rank amongst some of the most common deterrents listed by former thieves. Other top security systems for properties both residential and commercial include:

  • Loud noises (alarms, dogs, etc)
  • Motion triggered lights
  • Busy streets
  • Pretending to be home/on the property
  • Obvious security measures


Making it Clear That Your Home is Protected

Where does CCTV fit into all of this, then? Research shows that perhaps the best deterrent to a burglar is a strong security system, with your house or property showing obvious signs that it is protected. With visible cameras set up, it is all the less likely that a burglar will even attempt to break in. CCTV is an effective security measure because, on top of keeping active records of everything happening on your property to use in the event there is a theft, it discourages criminals from even considering your home or business a worthwhile endeavor. CCTV cameras prevent crime from even happening, on top of acting as a safety measure if anything does ever go wrong. All in all, there is no downside.


CCTV for Commercial Properties

For commercial property owners, the benefits of installing CCTV cameras are even richer. In addition to preventing break ins, their presence can discourage property damage, vandalism, and other malicious activities that may require expenses to repair and clean up. You can keep constant track of everyone entering the premises, spotting and removing any persons behaving suspiciously before they get the chance to do any harm to your property.

In terms of insurance, outdoor security cameras can also significantly lessen the damages to your finances. It can become endlessly easier to make and process claims if any unwanted incidents do take place on your property, and can lead to reduced premiums from insurance providers if CCTV is installed.


Call Today to Install Your Security System

You can never be too careful when it comes to security. Whether you’re looking to protect your home or your business, CCTV is proven to be an effective measure for deterring crime and theft. Installation of a comprehensive security system may very well be more affordable and attainable than you think – with benefits that will make up for every dollar invested. Contact Dorani today to enquire about CCTV installation, and let yourself sleep comfortably at night knowing you’ve left your assets in the safest position possible.

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