Benefits of Installing a CCTV Camera

CCTV is a valuable addition to home and business security. From family home to commercial building, Dorani has a comprehensive CCTV and security solution for your property. Dorani is an Australian owned provider, offering premium setup and installation of CCTV systems in residential and domestic properties since 2002.


Many homes and businesses invest in CCTV for a range of reasons. Past customers of Dorani have installed CCTV due to the following benefits:

24/7 Surveillance:

View your property anywhere, anytime with CCTV and remote access capabilities. This is particularly helpful for holiday homeowners and international travellers. Constant video monitoring also offers peace of mind.  

Deter Criminal Activity:

The presence of security cameras may deter crime at your property and around the surrounding area. This contributes to overall safety of your valuables, property and family.

Watch Past Events:

Security camera systems allow you to record and view recordings from previous days. This allows the time of the crime, people present, damage caused, or items taken to be identified.

Protect your Building, Family and Valuables:

Investing in home security such as CCTV is a vital step in ensuring the safety of your property and family. Deter crime, keep a record of all local events and provide peace of mind to your family.

Low Maintenance Security Solution:

CCTV is a reliable, durable security solution that does not require extensive maintenance. Quality installation and professional checks are the affordable and recommended form of upkeep. 

Insurance Benefits:

Security systems including CCTV are viewed positively by insurance companies. This may lead to a reduction in premium. 

Dorani is committed to providing reliable, quality CCTV systems, NVR-Recorders and Accessories. We consider your requirements and customise your CCTV system accordingly, ensuring the best possible result.

We proudly have a network of Dorani resellers, dealers, agents and preferred installers available in most capital cities and many regional area, please contact us and we will direct you to the closest agent or have them contact you.

Contact us on (03) 9357 0942 for all your alarm systems, intercom systems and CCTV cameras today!

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